Storytellers BOX - Friday I'm In Love by Camryn Garrett

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Friday I'm In Love by Camryn Garrett - Storytellers BOX

It's too late for a Sweet Sixteen but what if Mahalia had a Coming Out Party? A love letter to romantic comedies, sweet sixteen blowouts, black joy and queer pride.

Mahalia Harris wants.

She wants a big Sweet Sixteen like her best friend Naomi.
She wants the super cute new girl Siobhan to like her back.
She wants a break from worrying--about money, snide remarks from white classmates, pitying looks from church ladies . . . all of it.

Then inspiration strikes: It's too late for a Sweet Sixteen, but what if she had a Coming Out Party? A singing, dancing, rainbow-cake-eating celebration of queerness on her own terms.

The idea lights a fire in her, and soon Mahalia is scrimping and saving, taking on extra hours at her afterschool job, trying on dresses, and awkwardly flirting with Siobhan, all in preparation for the Coming Out of her dreams. But it's not long before she's buried in a mountain of bills, unfinished schoolwork, and enough drama to make her English Lit teacher blush. With all the responsibility on her shoulders, will Mahalia's party be over before it's even begun?

Published January 10, 2023

Storytellers BOX includes: 

  1. Book - Friday I'm In Love by Camryn Garrett
  2. Robe 
  3. Sleeping Mask 
  4. Mini Bear Charm (assorted colors)
  5. Sticker
  6. Button
  7. Ghirardelli Chocolates

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