The Vintage Collection Storytellers BOX (Jan 2020)

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The Vintage Collection Storytellers BOX*

Its the 20's! Bringing you back 100 years to a much simple time with The Vintage Collection Storytellers BOX.

This Storytellers BOX has been curated through the collaborative efforts of the storytellers and JeanBookNerd.

11 Book titles to choose from to bring in joy in the new decade.

Let your adventure begin!

Choose your destination and we will fill up your Vintage Collection JeanBookNerd Storytellers BOX.

  • The Orphan's Song by Lauren Kate
  • Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
  • North of Beautiful by Justina Chen
  • Tempting Sydney by Angela Corbett
  • Echoes Between Us by Katie McGarry
  • The Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins
  • Crossroads by Mary Ting
  • Peril in the Old Country (Terribly Serious Darkness, Book One) by Sam Hooker
  • The Grey Sisters by Jo Treggiari
  • The Year I Left by Christine Brae
  • And Then There Were Crows (Shades of Hell #1) by Alcy Leyva

What's In The Box?**

  • Your Book
  • Bookplate
  • Book Sleeve
  • Vintage Collection Shirt
  • Vintage Collection Journal (Handmade)
  • Vintage Collection Sticker
  • Vintage Collection Button
  • Vintage Playing Cards (only available for orders placed in January 2020)
  • Lip Balm
  • Feather Pen
  • Tea

**Curated items are centered around the BOX's theme and not necessarily around the book title.

*This is a single Storytellers BOX purchase. Only 1 book title (of your choice) will be included in this BOX. For subscription purchase, CLICK HERE.


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