June 2022 Storytellers BOX - THE LOOPHOLE by NAZ KUTUB

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June 2022 Storytellers BOX

Expected Publication Date: June 7, 2022

Your wish is granted! This YA debut is equal parts broken-hearted love story, epic myth retelling, and a world-journey romp to find home.

Sy is a timid seventeen-year-old queer Indian-Muslim boy who placed all his bets at happiness on his boyfriend Farouk...who then left him to try and "fix the world." Sy was too chicken to take the plunge and travel with him and is now stuck in a dead-end coffee shop job. All Sy can do is wish for another chance.... Although he never expects his wish to be granted.

When a mysterious girl slams into (and slides down, streaks of make-up in her wake) the front entrance of the coffee shop, Sy helps her up and on her way. But then the girl offers him three wishes in exchange for his help, and after proving she can grant at least one wish with a funds transfer of a million dollars into Sy's pitifully struggling bank account, a whole new world of possibility opens up. Is she magic? Or just rich? And when his father kicks him out after he is outed, does Sy have the courage to make his way from L. A., across the Atlantic Ocean, to lands he'd never even dreamed he could ever visit? Led by his potentially otherworldly new friend, can he track down his missing Farouk for one last, desperate chance at rebuilding his life and re-finding love?


Storytellers BOX includes: 

  1. Book - The Loophole by Naz Kutub
  2. Shirt
  3. Letter from Author
  4. Bookplate
  5. Drawstring backpack
  6. Sticker
  7. Button
  8. Necklace
  9. Bracelet (Black or Brown)
  10. Chocolates

Expected Publication Date: June 7, 2022

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