Grim Reader Edition Storytellers BOX

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Grim Reader Edition Storytellers BOX*


***Grim Reader Storytellers BOX is now available all year long!

October 2019 Issue of the JeanBookNerd Storytellers BOX

This limited edition Storytellers BOX has been curated through the collaborative efforts of the storytellers, Vesuvian Books, and JeanBookNerd. Heavily influenced by the traditions of Halloween, the most ghastly items have been carefully chosen just for you.

Vesuvian Books is presenting seven titles as the main attractions (5 Young Adult, 2 Adult). Choose which story will be in the driver's seat for your spine-tingling adventure. From slashers to angry spirits and government experiments to voodoo, there is a sinister tale waiting to terrify unwary seekers.

Let your unnerving adventure begin!

Choose your destination and we will fill up your Grim Reader Edition JeanBookNerd Storytellers BOX.
  • Death by the River by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor
  • Jinxed by Thommy Huston
  • Beneath the Lighthouse by Julieanne Lynch
  • The Night Weaver by Monique Snyman
  • Speak No Evil by Liana Gardner
  • The Winter Riddle by Sam Hooker
  • The Lantern's Ember by Colleen Houck
  • A Midnight Clear - Various Authors
  • Watch Hollow - Gregory Funaro
  • The Journal of Angela Ashby by Liana Gardner
  • Creepy Christmas: A Merry Macabre Coloring Book by Sam Shearon
  • The Immortal Gene by Jonas Saul (Adult Title)
  • Blackwell by Alexandrea Weis with Lucas Aster (Adult Title)


What's in the BOX?**

  • Your Book
  • Limited Edition Bookplate
  • Grim Reader T-Shirt
  • Grim Reader/Storytellers BOX Tote Bag
  • Elephant Plant Fiber Bracelet
  • Elephant Journal
  • Asante Doll Keychain
  • Pumpkin Spice Tea
  • Grim Reader Sticker
  • Trick or Treat?
  • Grim Reader Button
  • Alchemy Playing Cards (only available for orders made in October 2019)
  • JeanBookNerd Sticker

**Curated items are centered around the BOX's theme and not necessarily around the book title.

*This is a single Storytellers BOX purchase. Only 1 book title (of your choice) will be included in this BOX).


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