Storytellers BOX for the classroom


The Classroom

The ability to read is a vital skill. It is how we discover new things and helps to develop a positive self-image. Reading is important as it helps to expand the mind and fuels imagination.

At JeanBookNerd, we value literacy and push the importance of reading and writing. We highly encourage the joy of reading. We have partnered up with authors, publishers, and filmmakers to bring our Storytellers BOX inside the classroom.

As a vendor for your educational institution, our Storytellers BOX will provide students with prime titles from a list of elite storytellers. Storytellers BOX for the classroom differs from our public sales and will primarily focus on the aspect of reading.

Exclusive to the JeanBookNerd Storytellers BOX will be a special interaction with the storytellers and students online. Students will have a rare opportunity to ask questions about the stories they have just read directly to its writer. A lot of readers wish they could pick the brain of the author after closing the last chapter, and now they will have the opportunity to do so.

Getting insight directly from the writer will open up new ideas in students’ minds which will ultimately push them to create their own adventures through the power of reading.


If you are ready to bring our Storytellers BOX to your classroom, please fill out the form below and one of our specialists will be in contact with you. We will construct a line of book tiles for your students and provide further details about our exclusive Storyteller Q&A session.

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Reading is a powerful tool inside the classroom. We have partnered up with authors, publishers, and filmmakers to bring forth an educational service that will provide a highly engaging experience.